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2019 Event Photos

2019 was yet another record-setting year, with many new milestones set! As in previous years, we started with Further Confusion in January. After the Battle of the Bands for Seattle University in February, we ventured out east to Anime Milwaukee, the Galactic Camp, Texas Furry Fiesta, BABScon, the ICON fundraising gala for the Seattle Counseling Service, Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, NV, St. John's Bizarre, the Non-Profit Tech Convention, the Volunteer Park Music Festival, FURlandia, University of Portland's Commencement, Seattle Pride weekend, and another weeklong cruise to Alaska with RSVP Vacations in July. August started off with our fourth and final year with the Soulful Giving Foundation Blanket Concert, where we provided staff, main sound system and power generation! (The festival organizers announced the donation of their host property, so Soulful Giving would not be returning in 2020.) Of course, our year wrapped up with Paw Con 2019, Anthro NW 2019 and The Seattle Marathon!

In the fall, we hit a milestone that has been years in the making: the hiring of our first full-time employee! A veteran of hotel AV as well as a private event production company in the San Francisco bay area, John Stabe is helping grow our production management department with his years of experience working with corporate events.

As always, if you need sound, lighting, video or power distribution for your upcoming event, please Contact Us Today to discuss your needs!

Seattle Marathon 2019 AnthroNW 2019
 Year 7 with the Seattle Marathon Association and the Amica Seattle Marathon! We've got this down to a science, but check out last year's event for a detailed explanation of all of the logistics that go into running a smooth weekend!  Also in November, we returned for our third year working with AnthroNW in Seattle. Our new JBL VerTec 4886 subcompact line array system was added this year, along with matching 7x12 rear projection video screens!
PAW Con 2019 with JBL SRX Speakers and Pipe & Drape PAW Con 2019 with JBL SRX Speakers and Pipe & Drape
 Our third year with PAW Con, a San Jose area convention for Pac Anthro. We again provided the full sound and lighting system, plus added a projector and screen this year. We also increased the amount of pipe and drape we provided, for not only the main stage area but also other convention spaces.  Here's Paw Con during an event. The video was being fed from a Black Magic ATEM Television Studio switcher at the Front of House position. This both allowed us to have the convention's logo displayed during all events and easily add playback computers and live camera feeds during other events.

Vice President Joe Biden Speaks In Seattle

November 15th, 2019
 Vice President Joe Biden spoke at a private fundraiser in Seattle, WA on November 15, 2019. Actually, he spoke at two different events held back to back, and Kelcema Audio was called in to help support both events. We provided a digital mixing console and two handheld wireless microphones for each event.

 Pictured is the setup at one location, including the custom built pole-top lectern we built for each event. These lecterns have a microphone stand built into them, for ease of mounting the handheld wireless microphone to.

 We also used the digital mixing consoles to record the content of both events for the campaigns.

 As is often customary with political campaign events, we had just a few day's notice to prepare for these two events, but we pulled them off without a hitch!

Vice President Joe Biden speaking at a private fundraiser in Seattle, WA
Custom built pole-mounted lectern for Vice President Joe Biden

Seattle Pride's Volunteer Park Music Festival

June 8, 2019
Seattle Pride's Volunteer Park Music Festival Main Stage, Seattle, WA Seattle Pride's Volunteer Park Music Festival Beer Garden Fill Speakers, Seattle, WA
 Seattle Pride's Volunteer Park Music Festival in Seattle, WA returned for it's 10th year in 2019. We've been with this event since their inception, and every year improves over the previous one! One concern the client had this year was the audio coverage in the Beer Garden. So, we added this additional speaker lift dedicated to covering just the Beer Garden. The cover you see is our acoustically transparent weather covers. Since we never can be sure what the Pacific Northwest will bring us when it comes to weather, these covers ensure the show "goes on," rain or shine!

 As with previous years, Kelcema Audio was responsible for the truss setup for hanging the main stage banners. There are two sticks of lighting affixed to that truss to help light up the performers during the day. We also provide all stage power as well as smaller generators for several of the vendors present.

 Not visible in this picture is a small 8x8' stage we provided just to the left of the main stage. This was dedicated to the house DJ, so they have a safe place to play all day without using valuable space on the main stage. This also meant the DJ could play uninterrupted while the technical team was getting the band on stage changed over!

 Kelcema Audio is looking forward to "Getting back to work" and returning to the Volunteer Park Music Festival in 2021, as we will be celebrating our 15th year working with Seattle Pride!

 The Arthritis Foundation continues to rely on Kelcema Audio for high quality audio services for their fundraising events. Using our WT-150 speaker lifts, we get the speakers high enough in the air to produce even coverage throughout their event spaces!

 We also provided the truss archway for their start and finish banners, as well as a small 8x8' stage for their special presentations! Since 2013, Kelcema Audio is proud to have continued the support of our local Arthritis Foundation in furthering their mission!2019 Arthritis Walk in Renton, WA, May 2019

2019 Arthritis Walk in Renton, WA, May 2019
2019 Arthritis Walk in Everett, WA, May 2019

Biggest Little Fur Con 2019

May 16-19, 2019
Reno, Nevada's Biggest Little Fur Con 2019 Convention
 2019 marked our third year working with Reno, Nevada's BLFC Convention, and is one of our flagship events. We are now managing their entire technical production, including all equipment rentals, budget and staffing to ensure a smooth show.

 In audio, we bring our full JBL VerTec VT4888 dual-12" mid-sized 3-way line array system, with 8 boxes per side. 18 JBL SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers provide low end, and STX812M monitor wedges power the stage. Our Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console is the anchor to this setup, with digital Dante connections to the stage and to video world. We pair our Shure ULX-D wireless microphones with this, which also connect via Dante!

 The challenge added this year is that the stage is in a diamond formation, with its apex facing the audience. That meant we could not simply line subwoofers in front of the stage. A better solution had to be found. We sat down and ran numerous predictions through acoustical mapping software, experimenting with a variety of arrangements and delay settings. The final solution maximized our bass in the audience area while minimizing it on and behind the stage. Unfortunately, the bass ended up recombining at the far side of the main ballroom, creating an area of high levels in our video village! Whoops.

 Video consists of 2 9x16' rear projection video screens with 18,000 lumen projectors, as well as 70 Absen x5 LED video wall panels to create the LED wall facade around the DJ platform on stage.

Seattle Counseling Service ICON Fundraising Gala

April 27, 2019
Seattle Counseling Service's 50th Anniversary Gala, April 27, 2019
 For 7 years we have supported the Seattle Counseling Service with their annual fundraising galas. They like to exclaim "It's the Funnest Fundraising Event You'll Attend This Year!" and they're not kidding. Each year we've worked hard to reimagine the production to help deliver more funds to support their mission. In fact, we view charitable organizations such as this as an opportunity to truly help. As hotel AV services grow more and more expensive, we keep that in mind while developing the ideal production package. We know, of course, that proper production costs money, and the better the guests can see and hear, the more money can be raised, but at the same time, we understand that every dollar not spent on event production is another dollar that can benefit the organization. In short, we believe that when our clients succeed, we succeed!

 2019 marked the organization's 50th Anniversary, so we stepped everything up a notch! First of all, we were in a new space with proper rigging points (as opposed to previous years) so we had the opportunity to really shine. We started with 30' of truss over the audience, to support the lighting package consisting of Chauvet Ovation 190WW LED ellipsoidal stage lights and Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot moving head fixtures. A set of Chauvet COLORado144 LED battens were also used on the 'upstage' side of the stage to illuminate the gray pipe & drape. This allowed us greater control in changing the color of the stage on a moment's notice!

 For audio, we flew 6 boxes per side of our new JBL VerTec 4886 sub-compact line array. With a pair of speakers on stands next to the stage to cover the tables closest to the stage, we filled the entire room effortlessly. Of course, we kept the stage monitors that we've had in years past. Our Senior A1 audio engineer David Salonen managed all audio on our Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console.

 Video is the area where we changed the most! We used two 7x12 rear projection screens on each side of the stage. This allowed us to have slides on one screen and the live camera feed on the other screen, on both sides of the stage. Since we were in such a wide ballroom, we didn't want to have content differing from one side to the other, and the guests sitting furthest from the stage absolutely needed to rely on the live feed of the presenters! Our new Black Magic Designs ATEM Television Studio Switcher managed all of our video feeds, which included multiple cameras and playback sources. We also used our Atomos Shogun Stuio 2-channel SDI recorder to record high quality digital files of the entire evening's program, which we were able to give to the client at the end of the event!

 While guests arrived, we also supported a second space with sound and lighting, which was their VIP reception space before the main dinner, and then hosted their after-party from 9PM to midnight.

 For your non-profit's next fundraising gala, give us a call and let's help you make it the most successful one ever!

Coastal Conservation Banquet, May 2019 Galactic Camp 2019
 2019 Coastal Conservation Association of Washington Annual Fundraising Dinner. This was our fourth year working with this organization, raising money to help support natural habitats in our state. We again provided a full surround sound system to fill the banquet hall, as well as dual 7x12' rear projection video screens.  Galactic Camp, held on the flight deck of the decommissioned USS Hornet in Oakland, CA. We provided lighting and audio support for this event, paired with a locally-sourced sound system.
BabsCon 2019 AVL Production BabsCon 2019 AVL Production
 A new client for us was Babs Con 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. We provided the full audio, lighting and video system for this weekend convention, as well as several smaller panel room setups. We built a box of truss for the lighting package, and used two Genie ST24 SuperTowers to fly the JBL VerTec PA system. Dual 7x12' rear projection video screens flanked the stage, with a full video production suite and multiple cameras. We also provided technicians to staff the different departments through the weekend, allowing the convention's AV department head to focus on overall show management.
BabsCon 2019 AVL Production BabsCon 2019 AVL Production
 Lighting Designer Shelby Wesbrook at work at Babs Con 2019. We have a group of amazing lighting designers that we can call upon for shows anywhere in the United States. Our relationships with lighting rental houses means we can get delivery of high quality up to date fixtures and infrastructure, while avoiding the cost to freight them long distances. Without needing to own a large inventory of lighting gear, we've managed productions in Seattle, WA, San Jose, CA, Reno, NV, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, and Milwaukee, WI!  Video World at Babs Con 2019. Similar to lighting, we leverage our relationships with national video rental vendors, allowing us to have the gear we need delivered where we need it- and all without our clients needing to be involved. We've expanded our video offerings over the past two years, adding displays, projectors and screens, cameras, converters/distribution, switching and recording systems and even an LED video wall! We can make your next event look amazing, whether in person or online "virtual" streaming!
Anime Milwaukee 2019 AVL Production Anime Milwaukee 2019 AVL Production
 Anime Milwaukee 2019  Also Anime Milwaukee 2019
Anime Milwaukee 2019 AVL Production Anime Milwaukee 2019 AVL Production
 Even More Anime Milwaukee 2019  Yes, still more Anime Milwaukee 2019…

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