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2018 Event Photos

2018 continued our positive growth over 2017! From Further Confusion in January, we began a series of large events, including Battle of the Bands for Seattle University, the ICON fundraising gala for the Seattle Counseling Service, Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, NV, and Seattle Pride's weekend. August started off with our third year with the Soulful Giving Foundation Blanket Concert, where we provided staff, main sound system and power generation! A bunch of new events joined our calendar this year, including High Roller Pony Con, DenFur, and more.

If you need sound, lighting, video or power distribution for your upcoming event, please Contact Us Today to discuss your needs!

Seattle Marathon Association, Seattle, WA

November 2018
Finish Line at the 2018 Seattle Marathon, November 2018.  Our 6th year with the Seattle Marathon we again provided all audio equipment for both the start and the finish line. This picture shows the finish line- you can see the JBL STX812M dual-use monitor speakers on stands stretching along the left side.

 New in 2017 were acoustically transparent weatherproof covers. This allows us to set up the finish line on Friday, and leave it set for Saturday's Kid's Marathon and the Sunday Full and Half Marathon events. It's November- you know how Seattle weather can be unpredictable (we've had sunshine, rain, snow, and wind over different years!), and these weather covers don't impact the quality of the sound like 'traditional' weather protection efforts like trash bags will. These weather covers are the "un-sexy" part of our industry, since it's not something we can bill more for having- but we're certain our clients notice and appreciate the improved quality of our service!

 We've also started providing cable ramps for back of event use. We access power from a 30A circuit in the dugout on the south side of Memorial Stadium, so cable ramps allow the event team to move around in golf carts without damaging our cables. In 2019, we added more cable ramps to cover the power feeds from the generator to the medic tent. Same deal, by protecting those cables, it makes it a lot easier for the golf carts to get around, especially when they are transporting someone who is experiencing a medical problem. Our Checkers GuardDog cable ramps are perfect to protect cable runs from pedestrian or vehicle traffic, and help prevent your guests from tripping on the necessary cable runs to make your event happen!

 Logistics for the Seattle Marathon are an adventure! We set up the Finish Line system on Friday afternoon. We then return Saturday AM to set up the starting line system for the Kid's Run. That's a shorter day (4-5 hours total), but we not only can't leave the Starting Line sound system up between Saturday and Sunday, its composition also changes between days. So, we set it up, run the event, and then strike again. We then return Sunday morning at 4:30AM and build the starting line system for the Full and Half Marathon. We have less than two hours to get it fully running, and it takes 3 people to get it done in time.

Nice little pop-up event here in Vancouver, WA in October 2018. We provided audio services for two panel discussion rooms, including digital mixers that were recording the audio from the day.

This is a standard layout for panel / breakout rooms, and we have the ability to setup numerous breakout rooms at the same time. For larger events, we recommend one panel room technician per 5-6 panel rooms- this person helps ensure your presenters have everything they need at the beginning of their session, including any required video adapters, wireless presentation clickers, or even as simple as fresh batteries in the wireless microphone! Kelcema Audio has the gear and the experience to make your conference panel sessions run smooth!

Panel Discussion Room with powered speakers, wired microphone and participants seated at a table.

Moms Demand Action Community Event
featuring Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Seattle City Mayor Jenny Durkan.

September 14, 2018
Moms Demand Action featuring Mayor Mike Bloomberg in Seattle, WA  Mayor Mike Bloomberg in Seattle, WA supporting the "Moms Demand Action" anti-gun organization. With only 48 hours notice of this show, we were able to provide a full sound system, with press mults and wireless microphones, as well as the pictured blue velour pipe and drape used to reduce the event space in a community gymnasium. The P&D also helped to keep the acoustics of a large reflective room under control!

 Our Yamaha CL5 continues to provide the solid backbone for our high profile events! Moms Demand Action featuring Mayor Mike Bloomberg in Seattle, WA

Moms Demand Action featuring Mayor Mike Bloomberg in Seattle, WA

Soulful Giving Blanket Concert, Portland, OR

August 2018
Main Stage at Soulful Giving Blanket Concert, Portland, OR, August 2018.
 Our 3rd year with Soulful Giving, we again provided the full audio, lighting and power system for this benefit fundraising concert. Our MQ Power WhisperWatt 45kW diesel generator provides all electrical service for the stage, which was a great improvement over their previous power system (which apparently was tripping breakers and disrupting their event!). 6 boxes of JBL VerTec 4888 mid-sized 3-way line array speakers are flown per side, with 3 JBL SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers. We've added a basic stage lighting package to help the performers be more visible as we get into the evening!
Soulful Giving Foundation Blanket Concert 2018 Soulful Giving Foundation Blanket Concert 2018
 The 2018 Soulful Giving Foundation Blanket Concert in Portland, OR. Notice the LED based par cans and Source 4 Ellipsoidals on their own piece of truss, adding illumination and color to the stage this year! We used a second pair of chain hoists on the lighting truss in order to simplify the lighting wiring and focus.  Local Journey cover band "Stone In Love" returned to deliver another great performance at the 2018 Soulful Giving Foundation Blanket Concert in Portland, OR. Our JBL STX812M monitor speakers provided all stage wedges, as well as a pair of JBL VRX932LA-1 speakers for the front fills.

Seattle Pride Weekend 2018

June 2018
Seattle Pride Parade L Corner Viewing Stand, June 2018

Seattle Pride is one of our busiest weekends of the year- simply due to all of the "moving pieces" that we manage! On Friday, we provide audio and lighting for the Gender Justice League's Trans*Pride Seattle. We also usually have a setup at Neighbours Nightclub, for whom we have been working with since 2006!

Saturday brings Seattle PrideFest, with a couple of stages on Capitol Hill, and then another stage on Sunday at their flagship event at the Seattle Center. We refer to PrideFest as an Inaugural Event for Kelcema Audio, as we have worked with them every year since their inception in 2007. Finally, on Sunday we provide all of the audio and power support for the Seattle Pride Parade, for whom we have also worked with continuously since 2007!

Pictured here is the third viewing stand on the Seattle Pride Parade route, at the intersection of 4th Ave and Denny. Dubbed "The L Corner," this third viewing stand on the parade route came about a few years back when the parade organizers approached us about expanding the audio reach of the existing viewing stands. We explained to them that they don't want to expand the existing viewing stands because as it is, when a group is at a stand, the announcer is talking about that group (say it's Group Number 10 in the parade). The people at the north end of that block are hearing about Group 10 but seeing Group Number 5, while the people at the south end of that block are also hearing about Group 10, but seeing Group Number 15. Extending the existing viewing stands would make that problem even worse, so we recommended that the parade just add a third viewing stand. They did, and five years later, it's increasing the excitement along 4th Avenue and gives a great finale to the parade before the participants flow into the Seattle Center for PrideFest!

The reason we shared this background is that we love using our experience and knowledge to help our clients solve problems!

Seattle PrideFest audio system with JBL VerTec 4888 speakers Seattle Pride Parade Speaker Tower, June 2018
 Quick picture of our JBL VerTec VT4888 line array speakers at Seattle PrideFest. Since purchasing this system in 2014, we've used them every year for this DJ Stage, which per the Festival Director, is really the main focus of Seattle PrideFest, even though it's not the "Main Stage!" The quality improvement we delivered with JBL VerTec has really made a difference with this major festival, the largest free Pride Festival on the west coast!  We continued our practice of using JBL VRX932LA 12" constant curvature speakers and Genie ST25 speaker lifts for the parade viewing stands. These lifts go up over 20' into the air, giving a great amount of coverage for the guests. When the announcers jump "on mic," everyone for 2 blocks can hear them thanks to the 4 lifts spread out at Seattle's Westlake Park along 4th Avenue!

Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon is a great event where there's a stage every mile with bands or DJs playing to motivate the runners. We've worked with the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon several times over the past few years to handle stage production for some of their locations. Pictures are two JBL VRX932LAP over one VRX918SP powered 18" subwoofer per side. A Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console takes care of the audio, with JBL STX812M monitor wedges.

Notice that the speakers are turned outwards from the stage- this increased the 'engagement' with the runners that the bands had. The runners would hear the music sooner, as opposed to needing to be right in front of the stage. In this picture, the runners are approaching from your right as you're viewing this photo. We're set up on Seattle's Highway 99 just north of downtown, so whereas there's three vehicle lanes in front of the stage, the runners still pass by quickly!

While we were providing two stages for this event, at the same time we had another crew and sound system at Portland's Pride NW festival! With multiple sound systems and a solid rolodex of technicians to draw from, we are able to handle any client with ease!

Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon Stage Setup, June 2018

Biggest Little Fur Con, Reno, NV

May, 2018
Biggest Little Fur Con, Reno, NW, May 2018, Back of House Amp Racks Biggest Little Fur Con, Reno, NW, May 2018, Main Stage Biggest Little Fur Con, Reno, NW, May 2018, Close up picture of stage with JBL VerTec speakers
 Our second year with the Reno, NV based Biggest Little Fur Con convention, although with over 6,000 attendees, they're no longer that "little!" We provide our full JBL VerTec VT4888 line array system (8 boxes per side) with 18 JBL SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers, all Crown I-Tech powered! We also provide audio consoles, wireless and wired microphones and direct boxes, stage monitors, video production equipment, DJ gear, and three smaller event spaces audio and video production. This weekend is a major event for us, but the client has been so pleased with our work that we continue to be called upon every year!
Seattle University Battle of the Bands 2018 Further Confusion 2020
 Our third year with Seattle University's Battle of the Bands event in February 2018. We continued with our JBL VRX sound system, full stage microphones and monitors, and a lighting package to illuminate the performers!  Back to San Jose to kick off the year! We returned for our third year working with Further Confusion in San Jose, CA. Our JBL VerTec 4888 dual 12" line array system is the anchoring feature on their main stage!

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