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2017 Event Photos

2017 was a BIG year! From Further Confusion in January, we began a series of large events, including Battle of the Bands for Seattle University, the ICON fundraising gala for the Seattle Counseling Service, Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, NV, Seattle Pride weekend, and even a weeklong cruise to Alaska with RSVP Vacations. August started off with our second year with the Soulful Giving Foundation Blanket Concert, where we provided staff, main sound system and power generation! A bunch of new events joined our calendar this year, including the Tinnabulation Music Festival and Aquatifur.

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Pac Anthro League "Paw Con" Convention, San Jose, CA

November 2017
Main Stage Pac Anthro League Paw Con convention, San Jose, CA. November, 2017.
 Main Stage setup at Paw Con 2017. Kelcema Audio provided the sound system, lighting, and pipe & drape for this annual convention at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel. This convention actually created one of those "we made the show happen when it looked like it wouldn't" stories. On our way from Vancouver, WA to San Jose, CA, our (now old and unused) box truck blew its engine out while crossing the Oregon-California border. A $450 tow back to Medford later, our driver called back to the office. A second team member left Portland within the hour, driving a rental truck. After overnighting in Medford, they transferred the gear from the broken truck into the rental truck, and kept on towards San Jose. We were fortunate that we were trying to get onsite a full 24 hours early because that left us enough extra time so, even after dealing with a broken-down truck, we missed our official load in time by less than 30 minutes! A couple of weeks later, we towed the old truck back to Vancouver, and it hasn't run since.

Tinnabulation Music Festival, Spokane, WA

September 2017
Main Stage at Tinnabulation Music Festival, Spokane, WA, September 2017.
 A new client for us, we provided the main stage sound system, featuring 12 boxes of JBL VerTec VT4888 mid-sized 3-way line array elements per side, as well as 16 JBL SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers. We also provided front fills, stage wedges, and a pair of Avid Venue Profile digital mixing consoles. 2 audio technicians were provided for the weekend music festival, that featured headliners The John Butler Trio, American Authors and OK GO! Our Monitor Engineer mixed all monitors for support acts (as the headliners provided their own mix engineers).

RSVP Vacations Alaska Cruise

August 2017
JBL SRX Speaker Setup on RSVP Vacations 2017 Alaska Cruise JBL SRX Speaker Setup on RSVP Vacations 2017 Alaska Cruise JBL SRX Speaker Setup on RSVP Vacations 2017 Alaska Cruise
 Our JBL SRX speaker stacks deployed for the RSVP Vacations 2017 Alaska Cruise. Each stack is independently driven, allowing us to "zone" the audio levels to provide the best experience for the guests. This was a charter cruise, where RSVP Vacations provides afternoon and late night dances nearly every day of the cruise! Kelcema Audio provided all sound equipment and DJ gear for the week, including a second sound system for another event space on the ship.
RSVP Vacations Cruise 2017, DJ Gear Provided Close Up view of SRX Speaker Stacks for RSVP Vacations AK17 Cruise
 Pioneer DJ Equipment Setup for RSVP Vacations AK17 Cruise. We provided a DJM-900nxs2 DJ Mixer and 3 CDJ-2000nxs2 digital media players.  Here's a close up view of our JBL SRX speaker stacks. We spread these around the dance floor so we could deliver chest-thumping bass all around the dance floor!

Seattle PrideFest DJ Stage

June 25th, 2017
DJ Stage at Seattle PrideFest 2017
 Once again… Our BEST YEAR EVER! Seattle PrideFest set a new standard for being better this year then it had ever previously been! We continued to fly 4 boxes of JBL VerTec VT4888 per side using 1-Ton electric chain motors. By getting the speakers up into the air, the audio coverage remains a lot smoother then it was in previous years. We continued to deploy 6 JBL SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers under the stage- the bass was quite evident even outside of the Seattle Center property! Shown here is the DJ mix table on stage; our JBL VRX932LAP/918SP combination continue to provide "Texas Headphones" for the DJ booth monitoring. Returning this year was an LED video wall to create an awesome backdrop. If you have an event that requires an LED video wall along side our audio services, give us a call for a great deal!

Wanderlust 108

May 21st, 2017
Wanderlust 108 Yoga event at Lake Sammamish State Park, 2017
 Our second year with Wanderlust 108. We provided the full audio system and StageLine SL100 Mobile Stage in both the Seattle area as well as Portland, OR. It's a 2-day event, so we use our weatherproof covers on the JBL VerTec VT4888 line array speakers to protect the PA not only overnight, but also ensures that the event goes forward rain or shine! Hard to see, but are there, is a pair of 2-box JBL VRX932LAP outfills on speaker stands. This widens the coverage area so the several thousand guests in attendance can all hear the program perfectly.

Seattle Counseling Service ICON Fundraising Gala

April 2017
Audio, Lighting and Video Production Services for the Seattle Counseling Service's annual ICON Fundraising Gala
 Our fifth year supporting this annual gala, Kelcema Audio again provided full audio, lighting and video services to help support the mission of the Seattle Counseling Service. Our Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console managed audio, with flown JBL VRX speakers and dual rear projection video screens. We also provided cameras and all of the black velour Pipe & Drape for the stage backdrop and surround.
Audio and Lighting for Seattle University's Battle of the Bands
 Kelcema Audio returned for our second year supporting the Seattle University Battle of the Bands. With an upgrade to our premium FOH console this year, we brought a Yamaha CL5 digital mixer (Pictured, in operation by Senior A1 David Salonen) and Rio3224-D digital stage box. This upgrade both streamlines our workflow as well as improves the overall quality of the sound! With Battle of the Bands, we sound-check the performers earlier in the day and save their scenes on the console. This allows for very speedy changeovers during the event.
Stage View at Seattle University's Battle of the Bands event, February 2017 Kelcema Audio's new Motion Labs Power Distro at Further Confusion 2017
 Back stage view at Seattle University's Battle of the Bands, February 2017.  Our new Motion Labs 200 Amp power distribution system. This takes cam-lock input and creates 12 30A circuits and 6 20A circuits to power our larger systems.
Further Confusion, in San Jose, CA, January 2017 Further Confusion, in San Jose, CA, January 2017
 Further Confusion "in action," during one of the late night dances. This was our second year working with this event, and in a testament to our growth, our equipment list improved significantly.  One signature improvement was our new Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console! The event's audio engineer was very pleased to have it available, as it represented a nice upgrade to the console the event used previously.
Further Confusion, in San Jose, CA, January 2017 Further Confusion, in San Jose, CA, January 2017
 Side stage view at Further Confusion. Pictured is our 4bx hang of JBL VerTec VT4888 dual-12" 3-way line array elements. We upgraded our VerTec amplification this year to I-Tech HD, and the event's Audio Engineer commented about how much better it sounded this year compared to 2016!  Full stage view of Further Confusion 2017. The lighting designers work hard to create unique designs each year, with different styles of lighting fixtures and arrangements of truss. We have several amazing lighting designers we work with, so no matter the "feel" desired of your event, we can make it special!
Generator at Seattle Seahawks game, Fall 2016
 Our MQ Power 45kW WhisperWatt providing power for a band performance at CenturyLink Field, Seattle, WA, for a Seahawks game. We also provide the Checkers GuardDog cable ramps (a couple of which are seen sitting next to the generator's trailer hitch) to protect the cabling from the stage to the Front of House mixing position. We had the stadium's electrician provide a grounding tail in the base of the lamp post seen here, so we have a place to safely ground the generator, protecting the stage's equipment and performers from errant voltage!

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