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Winter-Spring 2016 Event Photos

Here's a great selection of photos from some of the shows that have been keeping us busy this spring. We went to San Jose in January for Further Confusion, joined Seattle University for their Battle of the Bands in February, provided PA for the St. John's Bizarre fundraiser later that month, and even DJ'd a school dance (for the first time, in about a year!). In April, we returned once again to work with the Seattle Counseling Service for their 12th annual ICON fundraising dinner. Finally, May brought us to Wanderlust 108 in Portland and Redmond, as well as providing production for Furlandia and deploying our VerTec system at the Kent-based ShoWare Center.

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Further Confusion in San Jose, CA, January 2016
 A new client for us this year, we traveled to San Jose, CA in January 2016 for Further Confusion, a great convention for members of the anthropomorphics community. We brought 8bx of JBL VerTec 4888, and 10 SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers. Using the house Yamaha QL5 digital FOH console and our Yamaha LS9-32 digital console with two Audinate MY16-AUD Dante cards, we were able to run a fully digital snake solution! Our LS9-32 was then used to mix the audio being sent to the live streaming video feed via YouTube. Fans across the country really enjoyed being able to join in the fun from their homes!
Further Confusion Stage View Setting up for Further Confusion 2016 in San Jose, CA
 Close up view of the stage at Further Confusion 2016. There's 10 JBL SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers stretched along the front of the stage, and 2 JBL VRX932LAP front fill speakers. By using small amounts of delay to various pairs of subwoofers, we created a "beam-form array," significantly increasing the overall bass-levels!  Here's a quick shot of the setup day at Further Confusion 2016. That's a fully loaded lighting grid being suspended from 16 electric chain motors. We used the lighting grid to both fly delay speakers as well as run the FOH cable runs to the stage, making setup and logistics much easier!
JBL VerTecs at Further Confusion 2016 JBL VerTecs at Further Confusion 2016
 Our JBL VerTec PA hangs at Further Confusion 2016. We flew 4bx of VerTecs per side for a great sounding system! We couldn't use the in-house rigging points due to weight constraints, so we used the pictured speaker lifts to get the VerTecs up into the air.
Further Confusion Event Photo Further Confusion 2016 VRX delays
 Here's the late night dances at Further Confusion 2016, in San Jose, CA. We can help you plan a lighting show light this for your next event!  We used 2 JBL VRX932LAP speakers flown in the lighting truss at Further Confusion 2016 for delay fills. This helped even out the coverage throughout the room.
Yamaha RIO Networking Rack at Further Confusion 2016 Crown I-Tech 9000HD amplifiers in action at Further Confusion 2016
 This Yamaha Rio1608-D and Ri8-D digital stageboxes provided the snake for Further Confusion in 2016. By using these stage boxes, we simply ran a 4-channel Cat5 snake from Front of House to the stage area! Showing off the impressive power of our Crown I-Tech amplifiers, here's the most amount of real-time power being provided during the dances. That's just 507 watts per channel to our JBL SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers!
Dance Photos from Further Confusion 2016 Dance Photos from Further Confusion 2016
 Two more pictures from the late night dances at Further Confusion 2016 in San Jose, CA, January 2016. These dances were provided each evening of the convention to give their attendees a great group activity- most of their talent was drawn from within their general attendance! Pictured is our Yamaha LS9-32 handling the video live stream audio mix.
WanderLust 108 in Redmond, WA, May 2016 WanderLust 108 in Redmond, WA, May 2016
 A great new client for us this spring was Wanderlust 108 - a 5K and yoga event touring across the country and around the world. We were invited to assist with the Portland, OR and Redmond, WA shows in May, 2016. Kelcema Audio provided the sound system with our JBL VerTec speakers as well as StageLine SL100 stages for both events.
50A Power Distro, CamLock in to 3 generator twist locks Cannabis Freedom March 2016
 We've got a great new power distro that accepts a 3-phase 5-wire input and breaks it out to 3- 50A twist lock connectors. By using this distro with our MQ Power WhisperWatt generator, we can take full advantage of the 110A main breaker, providing 50% more power than when the generator is run single phase. We returned for our 5th year working with the Cannabis Freedom March in April, 2016. We provided the full sound system, flown in the truss, Front of House console, snake/cable ramps, and all stage monitoring, microphones, stands and DIs. We also used our Shure QLX-D digital wireless system.

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