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Martin Mania SCX-500 Company President Ray Aberle
We use Martin Mania SCX-500 fixtures for our lighting shows. These create dance club atmospheres quickly and efficiently-- not many mobile DJs use intelligent lighting, but we think this is the only way to go! Company President Ray Aberle performing at a wedding (March 31st, 2007). Mr. Aberle is our backup for all of our events to ensure that you have a DJ at all of your events!
Mackie SRm450 Powered 2-Way Speakers DJ Ray Aberle at the Experience Music Project
We use Mackie SRM450 Powered 2-Way Speakers for our Mobile DJ setups. They are professional speakers that produce more then enough sound for every wedding!  Here is Company President Ray Aberle DJing for Lakeside School's Spring Tolo, at the EMP's Sky Church. Saturday, March 24th, 2007.
 Our Premiere Company Party Package- full lighting truss, dance lighting, and dual video screens with full music videos the entire night! This package is $795.00 for four hours, $995.00 for six.  Our Basic School Dance package. Mackie SA1521 15" Speakers with SRS1500 15" Subwoofers. Two lighting stands provides both dance and stage lighting. This package starts at $395.00 for 3 hours.
 Our Prom Package, at a recent HS Prom. Our Lighting Truss is run over the dance floor, allowing for a club experience! This package is $695.00 for up to 4 hours. You can add video to this for just $100.00 more!  Our School Dance Package. We bring our JBL speakers, along with a lighting truss. This base package is $495.00 for up to 3 hours ($595.00 for 4) with expanded lighting on the truss for an additional $100.00.
Sound and Lighting for Benefit Show, January 2008 Soundcraft LX7ii 32-Channel Analog Mixing Console
 Kelcema Productions providing sound for Milwaukie Academy of the Arts Benefit Show, January 2008. Our JBL system along with stage lighting and power distribution. Our full audio engineering package starts at $695.00.  Soundcraft LX7ii 32-Channel FOH console, with FX outboard gear. Handles 32 channels of input with 6 channels of AUX sends for monitors. We have 6, 12, 24, and 32 channel consoles available, and can sub-hire larger formats if your event requires it.
Coloured Uplighting at Capitol Hill's DAR House, Seattle, WA Corporate AV Services for LeTip International, Summer 2010
 Kelcema Productions providing uplighting at event hosted at Capitol Hill's Daughters of American Revolution House, February 2009. We also provided a DJ and music video service. Our uplighting packages start at just $100.00!  A/V Services for LeTip International, 2010 Summer Tour. We provided audio, lighting and video for events from Seattle to Las Vegas in 2010! Tour rates quoted upon request.

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