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Crown I-Tech amplifiers for Hmong Association of WA ICON 2013 Fundraising Event
 Stage right amp racks at the 2013 Hmong Association of Washington New Year's Event, Fisher Pavillion, Seattle Center. Using house power, we connected our 100A/3Ø cam-lock distro, distributing power from there to our amp racks.  Our second year in a row working with the Seattle Counseling Service's ICON Fundraiser event. October, 2013, at the Grand Hyatt, Seattle, WA. We flew 3 JBL VRX932LAP per side, with two subwoofers, and provided all mics and stage lighting.
Pride 2008 ICON 2013
 Our FOH ("Font of House") mix position for Seattle PrideFest 2008.  Close up of the JBL VRX932LAP hangs from ICON 2013.
HAW New Years 2013 HAW New Years 2013
 Sound Production Services for the Hmong Association of Washington New Year's Eve Event, November 9th, 2013. Over 1,000 guests of all ages gathered at the Seattle Center's Fisher Pavilion for this ethnic celebration, part of the Seattle Center's series of cultural festivals celebrating the rich heritage and diversity of the Pacific Northwest.
HAW New Years 2013 Kuli Loach
 Sound Production Services for the Hmong Association of Washington New Year's Eve Event, November 9th, 2013.  Sound Production Services for Kuli Loach and Loachfest 2013 at Delta 9 Collective. Yamaha LS9-16 at Front of House.
 DJ services for the Seattle Marathon 10K in August, 2013. Our inaugural event (and year) with the Seattle Marathon, they were so pleased that they invited us back to provide the sound services for the main marathon event on 11/30 and 12/1/2013! Kelcema Audio can provide professional services for all sizes of events.  Holiday Party with DJ and Karaoke for JBT, with a free-standing 50" LED television for their karaoke. They sing great karaoke! This was our 9th year working for this company and providing the entertainment for their holiday parties!
SMA 10K Wedding Video Display
 Power for the Seattle Marathon Association's 10K at GasWorks Park, Seattle, WA in August, 2013. A single 2,000watt generator powered our DJ gear and 4 Mackie SRM-450s! We have two of these sized generators available, plus a 3,500 watt unit and our 45kW unit, which can power most small to medium sized events!  Using a 2 meter section of truss and a 50" LED television, we built a great looking effective video screen for a wedding slide show, August 2013. The client was very pleased with this, and using an Apple Mac Mini, we made a fast but great looking slide show with their image files!

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