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JBL VRX system at TruAthlete JBL VRX system at Goddess Festival
 Our JBL VRX rig at TruAthlete, July 2013. We provided full audio, lighting and power support for this inaugural event. Our sound could be heard throughout the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, WA!  This is also our JBL VRX rig at the 2012 Goddess Festival in Woodland Park, in North Seattle, WA. Our setup included full audio support along with power generation.
Crown I-Tech Racks DJ Rob Hall
 Our new JBL VerTec amp racks. Each one has 2 each Crown Audio I-Tech 4000 and I-Tech 6000 amplifiers, along with a 30A/3Ø MotionLabs RackPack for power, and a Cat5 network switch built in.  DJ Rob Hall at Seattle PrideFest in June, 2008. We provided the DJ stage sound system, along with a Pioneer DJM-800 and two CDJ-1000s for their DJs! We've been delighted to work with Seattle PrideFest since 2007!
Stage and Trussing at TruAthlete FOH Technician David Salonen at work
 Also at TruAthlete in July, 2013. Pictured from onstage behind the sound/lighting truss, prior to it being raised. This is how we wire everything before it goes up!  FOH Engineer David Salonen assisting with stage setup. Pictured to the left of the steps is our 100A/3Ø cam-lock AC distro, at the end of 100' of 5-wire cam-lock feeder.
MQ Power Generator at CenturyLink Field #2 5-Wire Three Phase Cam Locks
 Our MQ Power WhisperWatt 45kW diesel generator, at CenturyLink Field for a recent Seahawks game. We provided the generator for their pre-game rallies, with audio services by Guerilla Audio. Staging provided by our friends at Pyramid Staging.  Cam-Lock connections at the diesel generator. We have up to 300' of five-wire cam-lock feeder available, along with tapping tees, turnarounds, a grounding split (seen here going to the left) and cam-lock AC distros.
Ballard Fall Fisherman's Festival Ballard Fall Fisherman's Festival
 Ballard Fall Fishermen's Festival 2013. The Knute Bell Band, on the Main Stage.  Ballard Fall Fishermen's Festival 2013. The Shifty Sailors, performing on the Main Stage.
Ballard Fall Fisherman's Festival Ballard Fall Fisherman's Festival
 "Can I get some more tortoise in my monitor?" This guy escaped from the "Reptile Man," Scott Petersen, joining us from the Monroe Zoo.  Ballard Fall Fishermen's Festival 2013. Flown JBL VRX sound system, with Array 4892 speakers used for a side fill to cover the beer garden.

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