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CatButt 2013 CatButt 2013
 Our JBL VRX rig at the 10th Annual CatButt Festival on Vashon Island. August, 2013. We deployed two flown VRX932LAP and two ground stacked VRX918SP per side. We used our EAW LA212 monitor wedges. One of our company perks is a great rate on use of company equipment-- all of the staff on this event are friends on Vashon Island, and they paid next to nothing for the use of our VRX rig!
Cat Butt 2013 Cat Butt 2013
 A closer photo of our JBL VRX rig at Cat Butt 2013 on Vashon Island, WA. August, 2013. We also provided the cable ramps protecting the FOH AC and signal run.  Dylan Payne and Tristan Roberson at FOH mix position, using our Yamaha LS9-16 digital FOH console. Cat Butt 2013. Vashon Island, August 2013.
Stage Right Hangs, JBL VRX at Rainfurrest 2013 Stage Left Hangs, JBL VRX at Rainfurrest 2013
 Our JBL SRX and VRX system at Rainfurrest 2013, at the SeaTac Hilton Conference and Convention Center. We designed a hybrid system with flown VRX speakers and ground-stacked SRX speakers. We used an auxiliary send from the console to power the tops, with the SRX boxes getting the master LR send from the console. This allowed the A1 FOH engineer to create the desired balance between the two styles of full-range speakers. We used JBL Array 4892 speakers for the front fills (seen just inside of each truss lift).
Full Stage, Rainfurrest 2014 Closing Session
 We upgraded our client's event! Here's the Closing Session from RainFurrest 2014. Our 6th year working with this event, we decided to not use our JBL SRX725 rig in favor of 4-boxes per side of JBL VerTec 4888. By bringing in this level of a system, we garnered many extremely positive comments from the event organizers, and have already booked next year's show!
JBL VerTec 4888 at Northwest Harvest Festival 2014 RainFurrest 2014, JBL VerTec 4888 over SRX728S
 Our inaugural year with the Northwest Harvest Festival saw us providing 6 boxes of JBL VerTec 4888 per side, ground stacked on the stage. Heads and tails better then what they had previously hired for their show, their Festival Director remarked to our Crew Chief that "I am never hiring another sound company again!" He then proceeded to ask that we reserve the same weekend for him in 2015!  Close up of JBL VerTec 4888 speaker stack at RainFurrest 2014. A major upgrade in quality over 2013, the event organizers were very pleased with the overall sound quality this year, including their audio lead adding VerTec systems back to his rider for acceptable speaker configurations! Properly deployed and processed, JBL VerTec is a surefire way to an awesome sounding performance!
Crown I-Tech Amplifier Racks, Northwest Harvest Festival 2014 Stage performance, Northwest Harvest Festival 2014
 Production services for the 2014 Northwest Harvest Festival in Bow, WA. This was our first year working with this festival, and they were super pleased with the experience! On the left is amp world, powering our VerTec system, with SRX728S dual-18" subwoofers, and EAW/JBL STX monitor wedges. A laptop is shown, which allows us to have full monitoring and control for the entire sound system. Pictured to the right is one of the performances Saturday Night, August 23rd, 2014. JBL STX812M and EAW LA212 monitor wedges provided system monitoring for the artists. A pair of Yamaha LS9 digital audio consoles controlled the entire setup, one at Front of House and one at Monitors.

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