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Royal Blue Velour Drape

Kelcema Audio Adds Quality Pipe & Drape To Production Inventory- Available now!

Kelcema Audio is proud to annouce that they have added a major Pipe & Drape selection to their production inventory. This is a great way to cost-effectively decorate any room!
To help improve the production quality of our corporate clients, we have invested in a large amount of Pipe & Drape. This is a quick and easy way to cost-effectively improve the decor of any space, no matter the size!

We've purchased 50' of Blue Velour (at 14 feet high), 64' of Black Velour (at 16 feet high), and 65' of Black Commando (at 14 feet high). We also have a Control Booth drape package, which can provide a nice black velour drape around our technical work spaces. Gone are the days of tables at the back of the room with lots of cables dropping off of it- we can surround our work space with a high quality drape to conceal our work space from your guests.

All of our Pipe & Drape is version 1. There's a new "Version 2" Pipe & Drape hardware style available, with a different connection system- but a majority of the hardware out in the world is the original style, and for the best compatibility with other vendors, we have chosen to stay with the Version 1 style of hardware.

If you need great decor at your event without spending a lot of money, contact one of our project managers for more details! We can include our Pipe & Drape with our production packages, or we can provide it as a separate rental by itself.