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New Dante Digital Networking Cards available from Kelcema Audio

Kelcema Audio Purchases Dante-MY16-AUD Cards

 Kelcema Audio has purchased two new Dante-MY16-AUD  cards from Audinate to help transition their Yamaha LS9  consoles into digital networking with Dante!
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With these two new cards, which are also available to rent by themselves, Kelcema Audio is now able to position their older Yamaha digital consoles right on the same digital audio networks as their new Yamaha CL-series consoles and Yamaha RIO stage boxes. "It's a game changer," Company President Ray Aberle commented. "Now we're able to use full digital networks, from the stage to the FOH position, and continue to use our older consoles on today's shows."

In fact, Kelcema Audio deployed two Dante-MY16-AUD cards in their LS9-32 to January's Further Confusion conference, where the LS9 was used alongside a QL5 and 2 RIO stage boxes. The LS9 provided the live video stream audio mix, and received all audio signals from the digital network. Now, instead of large, heavy analog splitters, Kelcema Audio can simply run standard Ethernet Cat5e cabling to any place that needs to access the digital audio network.

Using the full line of Yamaha RIO stage boxes, including the Rio3224-D 32x16 stage box, the Rio1608-D 16x8 stage box and the Ri8 and Ro8 digital expansion units (where each one provides just 8 analog inputs or 8 analog outputs), Kelcema Audio can now deploy more complex audio networks in a fraction of the time a conventional network would take, and all with a much higher quality of audio!

To rent a Dante-MY16-AUD card from Kelcema Audio, simply contact us today! They are also available for purchase for just $689.00/WA ST tax, and require up to 10 days to special order.