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CM Entertainment Lodestar 1-Ton Single Phase Electric Chain Motor

Kelcema Audio Announces Purchase of 1-Ton CM motors

 Kelcema Audio is delighted to announce the addition of 2  CM Entertainment Lodestar 1-Ton (single phase) electric  chain motors into their production inventory.

 An industry standard for over 60 years, CM Entertainment is the  leader in motors for loudspeaker and lighting suspension.  Legendary in performance, professional riggers around the world  have come to rely on the CM Lodestar for the most demanding  and challenging applications.

 The addition of these motors to the Kelcema Audio inventory  will improve the speed and efficiency of suspending our JBL  VerTec 4888 line array systems at venues and events. Whether  an event is indoors, using rigging points, or outdoors with either  built or mobile staging, we can rapidly attach to the rigging for  system deployment. Using long control and power cables, we  can easily make adjustments to the trim height, even during a  show if necessary!

 Our motors are available for rent immediately. Because of the inherent danger when suspending speakers  and lighting in the air, we will only provide our motors to other qualified persons and companies. Each  motor comes packed in a single case, along with 50' of AC and control cable. One control "pickle" will be  provided with each 2-motor rental. Our motors are fitted with 35' of lifting chain, and run "motor down,"  meaning that the motor attaches directly to the load to be flown, and then "climbs" up the 35' of lift chain.

 If you would like to rent our CM Lodestar 1-Ton motors, please contact one of our project managers for  more details and pricing!