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 Kelcema Audio is proud to consider some of our events as an "Inaugural Event." When we refer to an  event as such, that means we have been involved with this event every year since its inception. For  example, Seattle PrideFest was formed in 2007, and we have provided for one of their stages every year  since then!

 When you see a notation that an event is an Inaugural Event, you can be assured that the client has been  so pleased with our services that they continue to rely on us, year after year.

 You may also see a notation of "Loyal Client." When you see that, this means that the client, after  hiring us initially, has continued to rely on us every year since. (Some events pre-date the formation of  Kelcema Audio, so naturally it would have been impossible for us to have provided their audio services  for the entire run of their show!) Experience Matters. Not only do our clients continue to use us, year  after year, but there's not much we haven't seen. If you think your event is different or off-the-wall, you  can be assured that we've probably done it already!