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Emergency Services
ACK! Emergency! Kelcema Audio is always ready to step up and help you get through anything, whether a No-Show sound system or fighting forest fires and you need power- call us any time for fast and professional service!
When You Need Something In A Hurry…
Life doesn't always give you the chance to make plans in advance. Or, sometimes your well-laid plans are torpedoed by something unforeseen.

Have no fear! Kelcema Audio is ready to step up and make sure you have a great time! Give us a call at any time, and whatever your problem is (blown sound system, failed generator, DJ gear stolen), we'll do everything in our power to get you back up and running!

Community Emergency Operations
If your Emergency Operations Plan didn't include power, Our MQ Power WhisperWatt diesel generator is a great choice for powering emergency operations center and staff facilities. With 5-wire 3Ø cam lock feeder, AC distros, and 50A spider boxes, we can provide as much power as you might need, plus extra extension cords and power strips to make your command post feel like home.

Pricing is based on how long you need the generator for, as well as additional extras requested and location of delivery. We can provide a technician to assist with all of your electrical needs, as well as making sure the generator stays well fueled! Rest Assured that our pricing is the same, all the time!

Make sure your emergency command post stays running with a diesel generator from Kelcema Audio!

Major Disaster Support
If the State of Washington has declared a major disaster, we will be happy to offer our MQ Power generator and support package for a special rate of just $995.00 per week. This includes all fuel used, 20 3' cable ramps, 100' of five wire cam feeder, AC distro, 2x100' of 50A twist lock feeder and two spider boxes. (Local to Clark County, WA. Delivery to other locations charged at standard mileage rates. On site technician and Washington State Sales Tax not included.)