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Live Sound Services

Delivering Results, Not Excuses.

Here's an overview of the services that we can provide (or arrange) for your next event. Whether you are planning a festival, concert, a corporate meeting or a marathon- our crew has the experience needed to ensure that your audio happens seamlessly with the rest of your event.


• JBL VerTec Line Array sound systems
• JBL VRX Constant Curvature sound systems
• Flown speaker systems for parades
• Small sound systems for parade floats
• Sound for bands, including monitors
• Delay systems, Outfills
• Digital FOH & Monitor Consoles
• Multiple Channel Drive Snakes
• Professional DJ Gear
• Subwoofers
• Sound Systems for weddings
• Sound system rentals

• MQ Power WhisperWatt Diesel Generators
• Honda EU-series Gasoline Generators
• Checkers GuardDog Cable Ramps
• 5-Wire Camlock Feeder Cable
• Spider Boxes, 50A Feeder Cable
• Trade Show Booth Power
• Single and Three Phase AC Distros

• Video Projectors and screens
• LED Video Displays
• LED Video Walls


• Par56/Par64 Conventional fixtures
• ETC Source4 Ellipsoidals and Pars
• Martin intelligent fixtures
• Crowd Blinders
• 5W RGB Lasers, with hazers and computer control
• Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes
• Chamsys Programming Wings
• Global Truss ST180 Lifts
• Genie ST24 Tower Lifts
• Self-Climbing Roofs through Pyramid Staging
• StageLine SL-Series Mobile Stages

We can assist with all facets of your event planning process, including:
• Venue Locating
• Vendor Sourcing
• Contract Negotiation and Management
• Site Layout and Design
• Permitting and Fees
• On Site Show Management

 Pricing is based on the level of our involvement plus the  complexity of your event. For brand new events, though,  having an experienced crew available to manage these details  is a great way to ensure a successful show!

why we're different…
Our Crew Is Exclusive.
Meaning that they work just for us. Often, you'll have techs that work with several companies, which means you never can be certain who will be coming. We prefer the consistency and loyalty that we get from having a team working just for us!
We're Passionate About Good Sound.
We're not happy unless you are. We're going to do everything we can to make sure you're absolutely thrilled.
Our Crew Is Self-Reliant.
We spend a lot of time advancing shows, to make sure we've got all of the information that we need, before the event. Onsite, we're intuitive and flexible, ensuring that we're not bothering your team with lots of questions or urgent needs.
Our Company Is Innovative.
Let's do something different! When working with Kelcema Audio, we're going to suggest new and creative ways to organize your event. The "status quo" is never good enough for us-- we'd rather be setting the standards instead of trying to measure up to someone else!
We're Cost Effective.
Event production isn't cheap. But, that doesn't mean you have to pay an arm and a leg either! Our team works hard behind the scenes to complete jobs ahead of schedule and under budget. Certain production equipment, such as diesel generators and professional DJ gear, we own ourselves instead of sourcing from others. This allows us to control the quality and reliability, while offering a better price to you!

Steps In Planning Events…
Remember: The sooner you get us involved with the planning of your event, the sooner we can help guide you with budget and logistical details!
Step 1. Determine Date, Artists.
The more advance notice we have, the better of a chance we will have in not only providing for your show, but being able to deliver the best gear at the best price!
Step 2. Estimate Attendance
The anticipated attendance at your event is a key part in determining an appropriate sound system to meet your needs. However, if there are multiple stages or performance areas, then you should estimate how many people will be in each area during performance time when compared to overall event attendance plans.
Step 3. Prepare Request For Proposal, Send to Production Companies.
Make sure you include any artist performance technical riders that you have. The more information we have at this stage, the better of an Estimate we can prepare, leaving less possibility of "surprise" upcharges when a previously unknown rental is added!
Step 4. Hire Production Company, Pay Deposit (Typically 50%, 30 days before show).
Great news! We only ask for a signed contract/order form and a 10% deposit to book a show! 50% Deposit is then due 30 days in advance of your show date (The 10% deposit is non-refundable for any reason. The 50% deposit is non-refundable but is transferrable to alternate dates, pending availability), with the remaining 40% due via check or cash at the conclusion of Sound Check on your show date.
Step 5. Stay In Touch!
This is one that's often overlooked-- as we get closer to show date, make sure you keep us apprised of any changes to the event, the schedule or the attendance. If you're expecting a sellout crowd, we will want to make sure the ordered sound system remains adequate for your needs.