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Kelcema Audio Launches Virtual Events Studio!
Kelcema Audio is now hosting virtual events from our studio here in Vancouver, WA. As more and more organizations and businesses are turning to online gatherings, the technical side of things can be elusive. We have a full production suite including cameras, video displays, audio, lighting, and soft goods to ensure you look-and sound-great online! Our skilled technicians can manage your entire event, host your Zoom meeting, or anything in between.

Should you risk an event marred with "technical difficulties?" Let's Chat today! No matter your needs, our professional equipment and expertise will ensure your next online event, whether fully virtual or hybrid with in-person engagement, runs smoothly. Don't let your next production let you down- we're ready to make you shine! Jump over to our virtual event studio page and see what we bring to the table!


Our JBL VRX sound system is great for small to medium events where you need the sound flown in the air above your stage and performers. By flying the systems, we can both improve our coverage area, covering a larger space, but also get the speakers out of the sight lines to each side of your stage!

These are "Constant Curvature" speakers, which means each box covers a specific vertical area (15° per speaker) and 110° horizontal. By adding several speakers together, we can cover a large area with smooth coverage.

• Qty 6 VRX932LAP 12" Speakers
• Qty 8 VRX918SP Powered 18" Subwoofers
• Global Truss Lifts, Truss
• All needed rigging supplies

Prices start at $895.00.

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For medium sized events where flying speakers is not possible, our SRX series speakers are perfect! By stacking the tops on the subwoofers, we get them high enough to ensure quality sound for all of your guests.

Each SRX725 has 2-15" main woofers, plus a 2" high frequency driver. We run the speakers passive, which means we just need one amplifier per speaker pair. Our basic amp rack setup will power 2 tops and two subs per side, so one rack (with just four amps) will power a standard 2-over-2-per-side setup, all on one 30A/220V power connection!

• Qty 4 JBL SRX725 Dual-15" Tops
• Qty 6 JBL SRX728S Dual-18" Subwoofers
• 1 Crown I-Tech Amplifier Rack

Prices start at $1,095.00.

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For larger events (2,500 or more) you'll want the power and coverage of our JBL VerTec line array sound system. Ideally flown from lifts or chain motors rigged to your stage roof, the long throw capabilities of VerTec speakers allow for an even coverage in even the largest of spaces.

VerTec speakers have adjustable angles. We model the coverage space, inputting all dimensions (distance front to back, height of rigging, coverage area required) and can then accurately predict the sound pressure levels you'll hear throughout the room!

• Qty 12 to 24 VT4888 Mid-sized 3-way line array elements
• Qty 12 to 18 JBL SRX728S Dual-18" Subwoofers
• 6-9 Crown I-Tech HD Amplifier Racks

Prices start at $2,995.00.

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DJ Gear Rentals

Kelcema Audio is one of the only large scale production rental houses in the Pacific Northwest to offer professional DJ equipment rentals! This does 2 things: allows you to make just one phone call for large events and saves you money! Plus, we have the convenience and assurance that the Professional DJ Rentals that you need are on time, on site, and functioning!

Choose Pioneer CDJ-2000nxs DJ CD Players, DJM-900nxs and DJM-800 DJ Mixers, and Technics SL1200 Turntables-- no matter what your DJ rider demands, we can fulfill!

DJ Gear Rentals are available by themselves; or included in our Production Services Package. Ask about FREE DJ Gear with weekend production services!

Value Packages start at $199.95!


We offer a large inventory of Checkers Guard Dog Cable Ramps for safety at any event. These are available with our production packages, or by themselves. They're 36" sections, and are capable of supporting vehicle traffic with a maximum weight of 10,500 lbs per tire.

Use our Standard Height units for most events. We also have (5) low-profile ramps available-- they only present 60% the height of the Standard Height units, but the lower-profile is handy for bicycle and handicapped crossings. For more ADA-compliant cable crossings, please contact us for information and a quote.

We have (Qty 65) 36" sections in our inventory, along with end caps, a 4-way cross, and 2 sets of 45° angles (both left and right).

Ramps start at $12.00 ea.
Covid-19 Impact on Kelcema Audio…
The entire event production industry has experienced major changes, given the significant number of events and gatherings that have been postponed or even cancelled under current health and safety guidances. We're Still Here! Kelcema Audio has utilized our sufficient resources to weather this storm. We remain ready to handle your production needs, now and in the future. If you anticipate changes to your planned event, or simply would like more information about how Kelcema Audio is working through these challenging times, please contact us today. Our Project Managers will be happy to work with you to ensure your event needs are fully handled.

For the meanwhile, we are operating under reduced office hours (9AM to 2:30PM Monday to Friday), and in respect of current "social distancing" concepts, we only have one staff member in the office at any given time.